You Asked, You Got It


As the NA Sales Director for a global biotech company I have experienced the tough competition for talented employees. I recently used Lindegaard Recruiting to support the search for a Key Account Manager position. Even though I have been hiring professionals for decades, and my company has a small but experienced recruiting team, Lindegaard Recruiting, (Poul) was able to provide very valuable contributions to all aspects of the hiring process. We drafted the initial role description which Poul edited, to create a compelling externally advertised job posting. He managed the initial screening of numerous candidates that applied for the position from a variety of sources. Ultimately, together with me my interview team, Poul supported the selection of the ideal candidate for the job.

In particular, I would like to highlight Poul’s ability leverage his considerable professional experience to “read” the candidates via several rounds of probing virtual interviews. His overall assessment of candidates’ strengths and limitations were enriched with his unique and insightful interview style. Regular interactions with the hiring manager (me) ensured that the process was aligned with my company’s requirements for the role. He was able to represent the company and the position in a positive way. 

I strongly recommend Lindegaard Recruiting for any important job hiring. Given my experience working with Poul and his team, I am confident that your recruiting effort will be more effective with Lindegaard Recruiting as part of your team.

Greg LeFebvre
Regional Director, North America